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Books by Ronal Rorcy:
The Arrangement
The Heiress
The Housekeeper
The Misunderstanding
Never Again

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Never Again by Ronal Rorcy
Published September 2015

Never Again by Ronal Rorcy

Having lost her son and her husband after an unhappy marriage, Corinna was determined that she would never marry again. She valued Andreas’ friendship, having known him since they were very young, but although neither of them doubted that the friendship had turned to love, it did not change her resolve to remain alone – not even when their relationship became hot, steamy and sexual. She tried to encourage him to accept a marriage arranged by his aristocratic Italian father and, unexpectedly, she found work as a nanny and housekeeper for James and his young daughter. Did James regard her as more than just an employee? And would she respond to his advances? He was, after all, very handsome. But something was not quite right about James…

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