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Roger Beresford - adults only
Bill - adults only
Alex Binney
John Borrow
Sean Brandywine
Robert Bresloff
Lindsey Brooks
Grendel Butler
Freddie Clegg - adults only
Greg Cline - adults only
Alexandra Cole
Maxwell Crush - adults only
Joe DeMonte
Dr David Edwards
Dr Jane Foxx - adults only
Stella Fyre - adults only
Shiloh Garnett
Gloryboy - adults only
Miles Goodenuff
A D Graham
Eddie Heaton
Dr Harry H Hovis
Mason Jarre - adults only
Miriam Jewell - adults only
Ian Johnstone
Thomas Kennedy
Julieanne Lynch
Alison McKenzie
Carmella McKenzie
AP Miller - adults only
David Pearson
Allan T Price
Candace Rice
Guy B Rogers
Ronal Rorcy
John Savage
Alfredo Schulte-Bockholt
Clare Seven - adults only
Al Slippers
Candace Smith
Tanya Snegirova - adults only
Mark Stephens
Susan Strict - adults only
C E Turner
Thomas Weaver - adults only
Mason Wheeler - adults only
Wheldrake - adults only
Fred Williams
Yabba - adults only

Last Pass by Candace Smith

The Deathday Prophecies by Alex Binney

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Recommended Reading

Project J by Sean brandywine

Tainted Souls by Allan T Price

A Noble Regard by Lindsey Brooks

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New Publications

Magee Island by A.D.Graham

The Amber Prophecy by Carmella McKenzie

Lake of Stars by Alison McKenzie

...and Good In Everything by Guy B Rogers

So You Thought You Knew Me by Mark Stephens

The Wishmaker by C E Turner

Hippolyta: Flames of Revenge by Ian Johnstone

Black Night Orange Day by C E Turner

Hippolyta: A New Alliance by Ian Johnstone

Hippolyta: A Kind of Peace by Ian Johnstone

Guardian Angel 2 by Ian Johnstone

Hippolyta: The Trade Wars by Ian Johnstone

Hippolyta: Treachery, Lies and Deceit by Ian Johnstone

Grave Doubt by Alex Binney

Vengeance is Mine by Ian Johnstone

Red Rosa Goes To War by Alfredo Schulte-Bockholt

Red Rosa Goes To War by Alfredo Schulte-Bockholt

The Heiress by Ronal Rorcy

The Ghosts of Woodcutters Cottage by John Borrow

Never Again by Ronal Rorcy

Hippolyta 2: The Pits of Death

The Knights of Eruin by Miles Goodenuff

The Misunderstanding by Ronal Rorcy

Marina: Battle for the Realms by Ian Johnstone

The Dunce at the Back of the Class by Ian Johnstone

Forever by Ronal Rorcy

The Eye of The Fallen Angel by Ian Johnstone

Level 14 by Al Slippers

The Housekeeper by Ronal Rorcy

Junk DNA by Sean Brandywine

Guardian Angel by Ian Johnstone

Leo's Lion by Robert Bresloff

The Last Man's Dead by Guy B Rogers

A Very Irish Curse by A. D. Graham

A Very Irish Curse by A. D. Graham

Soldier On by Ian Johnstone

The Last Of The Sonderkommando by Mark Stephens

Marina: Battle Warrior to the Gods by Ian Johnstone

School for Tomboys by Alex Binney

Murder Through Magic by Alex Binney

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More recommended reading
The Knights of Eruin by Miles Goodenuff

The Last Man's Dead by Guy B Rogers